Tuesday 19th November 2019

Court of Appeal Reserves Judgement

We would like to voice our appreciation to the eighteen people who took time out to attend our appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice in London and also to Louise and Olivia from the legendary Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign who came to the court to support us. We all looked very impressive in rows of campaign shirts sitting at the back of the court listening to the case. We also very much appreciate those hundreds of messages from well-wishers back home, reflecting the concern many people in South Tyneside have for the loss of access to vital services at South Tyneside Hospital. A very big thanks to Vikram, Annabel, Yogi, Helen and all the legal team for their hard work in presenting our appeal case. The judgement of the three appeal court judges has been deferred; we await the outcome.

Related press releases from our legal team shortly before and immediately following the appeal case:


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